E-commerce is a natural byproduct of an Interconnected world. In order to claim their share of growth from the highly lucrative and evolving eCommerce landscape, businesses are under a lot of pressure to devise e-commerce strategies that are effective. Question #1: Select and respond to ONE of the following questions
Describe at least THREE marketing ideas that could improve the growth of businesses. Discuss at least three pros and cons of E-commerce for the consumer. Discuss at least three pros and cons of E-commerce for businesses. What are the driving factors that have resulted in the growth of E-commerce within the last decade? How has the increase in E-commerce changed the way in which products and services are marketed? Do you believe that social commerce is here to stay? Will it work simultaneously with e-commerce? Justify your answer with support from this week’s readings. Topic 2: The Amazon Empire
This week you viewed a slideshow titled How Amazon Controls E commerce: the Hidden Empire.
Discussion: Amazon is a prime example of the power of eCommerce. Question #1: What topic stood out to you the most in this presentation?

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