Marketing activities

You have just finished your course and have been working in a small family run business for 6 months. It has a great product – but you can see that the family has no idea about developing their market share. They do not appear to understand the concept of marketing and you decide to produce some information for them.

You intend to collate your information as a formal report and give it to key members of staff so that it will impact on the future of the company and lead to a permanent job for you.

(NB for the purposes of this assignment, you can choose the product that the organisation sells and the market in which it operates)

Task 1 –What is marketing?

You must start with the basics. In the first part of your report you should: tell them about marketing.

1.1 Marketing activities
Describe the diverse activities carried out in marketing departments in other businesses. Provide examples to help your colleagues understand the full range of activities they could undertake to promote the business


Customer profiling/segmentation:




Public relations (PR):

Managing social media:

1.2 Market segmentation
Explain market segmentation as a tool to identify customers. Give examples of the different market segments your business attracts

Socio economic:

Behavioural segmentation:



Geographical segmentation:

1.3 Marketing Mix
Explain the marketing mix and apply it to your products.





Task 2 –Market research
You feel that your company needs to find out more about its customers and the market in which you operate. To help them your report includes a section in which you:

2.1 Aims of research and market analysis
Explain the aims of research and market analysis

Research aims at macro and micro levels:

Identify the market/consumer:

Identify customer needs:

Identify problems:

Product or service improvements:

Exploring new markets:

Monitor existing markets:

2.2 Market research methods
Give examples of methods that would be suitable for your own organisation.

Primary research

Secondary Research

Analysis of Qualitative & Quantitative data

Research tools



Focus groups

2.3 Market analysis tools & techniques
Outline market analysis tools and techniques that could be used. In this task you have to mainly outline and describe the given topics. (In the Task4 you have to apply and demonstrate their use, not here).

Micro analysis techniques
Define and describe micro analysis techniques

SWOT analysis
Describe the elements of SWOT analysis and what information it provides

Macro analysis techniques
Define and describe macro analysis techniques

PESTLE Analysis
Define and describe the elements of PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technilogical, Legal and Environmental factors)

Competitor Analysis
Discuss porter’s five forces model and the five forces it mentions (Buyer power, supplier power, competitive rivalry, barriers to new market entry and threat of substitute products)

Task 3 – E-marketing
To bring this organisation completely up-to-date, you really want them to use e – marketing
So you add a further section to the report in which you:

4.2 E-Marketing methods
Briefly describe e-marketing and its benefits for the organisations as compared with traditional marketing. Consider discussion on cost, global reach, scope, allows interactivity, immediate, allows targeting.

Search engine marketing:

Pay per click:

Search engine optimisation:

On line advertising:

Viral marketing:

Email marketing:

4.2 Online image management
Explain how companies manage their online image. (You may wish to provide recent examples where this has been both well and poorly managed and the impact this has had on the organisation involved)

On line reputation management:

Use of Social Media

Task 4 – Applying your learning
You are inspired by your learning and progress to date. You decide to do some additional work to get the process started by applying some of your market analysis techniques to your organisation. You decide to:

3.1 Use of market analysis techniques
Use market analysis techniques to research the target market for your own product or service. Use the above mentioned tools and techniques in Task2 and apply them on your selected product or service.

3.2 Interpretation of market research findings and market analysis
In this task you have to connect the discussion with the findings in 3.1 and interpret the findings of your market research and market analysis. This may include adding screen shots of survey questionnaire or pie and bar charts etc as an evidence of data analysis. If you are quoting secondary research it will be easy to provide such evidence.












































































































































































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