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As a result of promotion efforts, customers are informed about new products and reminded about existing products. Promotions can help companies introduce new uses for old products in an effort to gain a new segment of the market. Promotion efforts give companies quantitative and qualitative data they can use to plan future campaigns to target their ideal consumers. From customer opinions left on product review sites to being able to gauge the number of people who click an online advertising effort, effective promotional efforts produce results.
While promotion strategies are important to businesses and can help them introduce their products and services into a market, there are considerations that marketers must factor into their marketing plans. It’s essential that businesses use the appropriate media to target their consumers. With the advent of social marketing and other forms of online marketing, promotional options extend beyond print, radio, and television promotions. Businesses must determine where their target market gets the majority of its information.

Using the WALT DISNEY company , select a product or service from the company’s product offering and respond to the following in your weekly marketing analysis paper:

a. Does the organization use a traditional, tradigital, or digital platform for its advertising? Compare and contrast each of these approaches for this organization.

b. Assess what advertising type creates the best return on investment (ROI). In other words, which form of media do you feel is the most effective? How do you measure this for the organization?

c. There is always room to improve. What recommendations do you have for changes to the organization’s advertising?




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