Describe the new business. Are you product or service oriented?

What is the name of your company?

Where are you located?

Describe the scope of your business activities and the industry you intend to operate within.

Develop mission and vision statements for your firm.

List all potential market segments of interest to your firm. Describe them fully using appropriate descriptive techniques including geographics, demographics and psychographics. Give a rating to each segment for how accessible they are: how substantial they are: and how responsive they might be to your marketing activity. Give reasons for your responses.

Detail the macro and micro environments having the most effect on your firms marketing activities. What important trends are occurring in the marketplace? Fully describe the nature of the competitive landscape.

Select your target market(s). Why did you choose to serve these markets? Explain your reasoning fully.

Create your product and services offering for this market. What specific needs will you be fulfilling. Describe in detail the features and associates benefits of your product(s). Tell me why you feel you will be successful.

Set your pricing. What goals are you attempting to accomplish with your pricing strategy. Will you be making future pricing adjustments? Detail your thoughts. (1 page)

Create a brand image for your offering. Use the elements of value; values; personality; features and benefits as the basis for creating your proposed brand image. Describe your positioning strategy in light of the competitors in your space. Prepare a positioning map as part of the plan.

Next, provide your thoughts on distribution strategies






Sample Solution