Marketing Proposal Term Project

  1. Analysis of the Market – “Where are we now?”
    a. Description of the firm – current position in marketplace
    b. Development of a comprehensive SWOT analysis for Johnson & Johnson
    c. Development of a comprehensive SWOT analysis for Johnson & Johnson’s 3 largest
    pharmaceutical competitors
    d. Detailed sales trends and forecasts
  2. Business Proposition – “Where are we going?”
    a. Measurable and attainable objectives – long/short term goals for CancerCure®
    b. Target market – Identify specific market segments
    c. Strategy statement – What are you proposing?
    d. Key planning assumptions (cite sources of information)
  3. Action Plan – “How and when do we get there?”
    a. Product positioning – product/service description, value-added features
    b. Price – pricing strategy, incentives (sales, discounts)
    c. Place – sales area, distribution
    d. Promotion – advertising methods, public relations
    e. Contingency plan – what do we do if our product is not successful?
  4. Projected Budget – “How many units will we sell?” and “How much will it cost?”
    a. Sales revenue
    b. Cost of goods sold (COGS)
    c. Marketing services costs
    d. Earnings – be able to justify all numbers

Sample Solution