Marketing Research

Congratulations! You are a marketing research consultant and have just won a contract with a client. Your client is facing an
issue, and your job is to explain to the organization the advantages and disadvantages of a focus group and questionnaire
as part of the research process for this issue. To do this, you have been asked to create a PowerPoint to present to the
stakeholders of the organization. It is not your job to decide whether to use a questionnaire or focus group; you are only
expected to present the information so that the stakeholders can select a method. Your presentation should include the
components below.
a description of the issue the client is facing (this issue will be created by you);
a discussion of the different data collection methods including focus groups and surveys;
a description of the questionnaire development process;
a sample of five good questions for a questionnaire (you should include different types of questions such as closedended, open-ended, scale, ranking, or other types of questions);
a sample of five good questions for a focus group; and
an analysis of the value of questionnaires and focus groups in marketing research (how would each help in the research
process for this issue?).

Sample Solution