Marketing/ Research

Develop and present a marketing plan for a new and unique product or service or a new or innovative use for an existing product or service. As your plan should not exceed five-seven double spaced, typewritten pages, presenters are cautioned to only cover salient points as outlined in our reading. References should be made to specific items contained within the text and from at least two other outside sources. A good source to begin research for academically relevant material is (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
For whichever item that you choose to represent, be it product or service, be sure to include actual marketing examples similar to those presented in the text or case studies but tailored to your specific target market. Your paper will include an introduction which identifies the item or service that you have selected, the research employed in making your selection and a description, in some detail, of the salient components of the topic. The next sections will contain your plan to present your item or service replete with examples, formulas and diagrams, if appropriate. The final section will consist of a hypothetical evaluation and summary of your marketing plan.





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