Mary Daly’s “Exorcising Evil from Eve”

How does the excerpt from Mary Daly’s “Exorcising Evil from Eve” demonstrate how women should confront and revolt against the misinterpretation of the events in the Garden of Eden? What are the kinds of problems that arise from a “divided consciousness” according to Daly? Give examples from the text-use parenthetical APA citations.
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Check out this interesting article (Link: on the current concerns of the replication of societal gender biases being replicated and amplified by AI technology and algorithms (designed mainly by men). Can you find examples where gender bias is already showing up in your own social media apps? Or do a little research on the concerns raised about all the female bots currently on the market-eg Alexa, Siri, etc. Do you have any concerns about the use of females to perform tasks in smart homes? What bias is revealed by this strategy?

If you want a funny take on how technology is often used in its earliest renditions to “please” men! What concerns do you have about these advancements? You might want to consider Aristotle’s arguments about friendship in your discussion of this sexy topic!

Sternberg, Irene. Female AI: The Intersection Between Gender and Contemporary Artificial Intelligence. In HackerNoon. October 8, 2018. Retrieved 11:01 January 16, 2019. (Links to an external site.)

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