Mass Producing Animals as Food

In this discussion, you will talk about moral approaches to how different types of animals are regarded in the food supply and as pets.

In Chapter 5 of DesJardins, read the discussion topic “Industrial Farming: Mass Producing Animals as Food” on pp. 95–97. Use information from this reading, as well as other assigned texts from this Module, to answer these discussion questions from the text.

A wide range of philosophical and ethical questions are raised by the variety of ways in which humans relate to animals as food. A handy way to categorize these questions is to distinguish questions about which animals, if any, are used as food; what restrictions, if any, should be placed on how we treat animals generally; and what restrictions, if any, should be placed on how food animals are bred, raised, slaughtered, and eaten (Desjardins 96).

If it is justified to kill an animal for food, why should it matter how the animal is treated prior to slaughter?
Are there important distinctions between different animal species?
Are some animals deserving of greater ethical concern than others?
Is there an ethical difference between treatment of domesticated and wild animals? (Desjardins 97)

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