Math anxiety.

Any students say they have math anxiety. Math anxiety is a feeling of intense frustration or helplessness
about one’s ability to do math. There are many factors that can affect a person’s attitude about math and some
of them are erroneous ideas or misconceptions. Many authors have addressed some math myths that are
commonly accepted by the general public.
Math Myth 1: Aptitude for math is inborn.
Math Myth 2: To be good at math you have to be good at calculating.
Math Myth 3: Math requires logic, not creativity
Math Myth 4: In math, what’s important is getting the right answers.
Math Myth 5: Men are naturally better than women at mathematical thinking.

  1. Agree or disagree with one of the Math Myths listed above. Find a link to one article on the Internet to
    support your response.
  2. Share your own current or former feelings of math anxiety. Explain how you plan to deal with it in this course

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