Math exploration of how math can be applied to a real life situation

Your revision instructions are as follows: Client:
the paper has a few …. and ? in place
like at the end of some workings
the answer was not stated but a question mark was left in its place
after reading through the paper i have a few comments
the complexity is suitable enough and i am grateful for that
there were a few spelling errors in the introduction
and the workings had a few missing steps
can you convey to the person to include the working steps and the explanations could be clearer
and the variables and abbreviations have to be defined
but i am concerned with the … and question marks left in the paper
. Please confirm that you are working on it as soon as possible.

please make the workings and explanations clearer by not skipping steps. stating all the intermediate workings. there are also some typos.

also dy and dx cannot be split
i didn’t see it in the paper but if there is, dy and dx can only exist alone if there is an integration
if not limits or non standard analysis have to be used

and can you explain the graph diagram its a little confusing
































































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