MAT 2215 Term Project You are a primary researcher. Select a topic of interest. Form a research question that you will ask 25
people. The question should generate a range of quantitative data. Some examples are: “ On average, how many minutes a day do you spend texting?” or “How many inches tall are you?” Note: Research question should start with “How often…” or, “On average, how many…” Do not ask a question like, “Do you like chocolate?” because responses are “yes” or “no.” You need numbers. Note:Be specific. Do not ask “How many bottles of water do you drink?” Instead ask, “On average how manv 8-07 glasses of water do you drink in a day?” You need to collect numerical data. Your question should be clear, cor
Board posting this week will be your research question. @ @
Required: 1.List your raw data results in a column in Excel.

  1. Construct a relative frequency distribution of your data. Remember each class shou i
    of 0 to 5, 6 to 10, 11 to 15 etc. angdaZza Ne
  2. Using Excel, calculate the mean and standard deviation of your distribution and inte
  3. Calculate a 95 percent confidence interval for the mean of your distribution using th @ @ @ @
    5.Comment on your results — what have you observed? This is important to think and
    and text dialog boxes where appropriate with size 12 font. a an raed atts i a Rh

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