McDonald’s restaurant processes and structure of its organization

Write a 3-5 page research paper addressing the specific questions listed below. Use the following:
• The font is Times new Roman 12 point.
• Each margin is to be no more than 1 inch.
• The paper is no less than three nor more than 5 pages in length.
• Present the answers to each question in correct English sentences as a complete paper in full essay form.

Question 1
In what ways does a McDonald’s retail outlet resemble a machine? Describe the organization in machine-like terms.

Question 2
Describe the McDonald’s activities in terms of Frederick Taylor’s principles of scientific management, Max Weber’s hierarchical structure and Henri Fayol’s administrative principles.

Question 3
Why do you think the company has been successful?

Question 4
Are there similarities in organization between McDonalds and other successful franchise organizations?

Question 5
The process of innovation is characteristic of the McDonalds Corporation. Identify the innovations you observe during your visit and explain how the company incorporates the process of innovation and the process of mechanization in the same organization in order to minimize the weaknesses of mechanization.

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