Mechanism design project.

• Generate engineering specifications (design requirements) for a linkage based machine, given a general design problem
• Use position, velocity, acceleration and quick return analysis to design a linkage to meet a given set of performance specifications
• Design a gear train and motor system to drive your linkage
• Design a loading and timing mechanism that utilizes a cam
• Note that in all of these projects spin is important!
Projects – Choose one of the projects listed here:
• Use the short description of the project and information obtained from hand calculations, references, and/or simple experiments to develop specifications for the size and timing-ratio of the linkage, as well as for the force needed at the output.
• Assume that your target market is college level through professional level players
• Design a linkage that satisfies your derived specifications.
• Size a motor and drive system. Specify a power rating and a speed so that the output delivers sufficient force and velocity to the object being acted on. How frequently will the output action occur?
• Analyze the design. Include ranges on the output displacement, the transmission angle, maximum velocity and acceleration of the output, velocity and acceleration of the output during contact.
A Slapshot Shooter
A machine that will simulate a hockey slapshot to be used to train goalies. The hitter should be able to deliver the puck to any portion of the net at a velocity that challenges a goalie.
Design a linkage that can be driven by a motor that operates at a constant rpm and transforms the rotary motion of the input to oscillatory or translational motion. The output should propel a hockey puck with sufficient speed so that goalies can use your machine to practice blocking slap shots.

  1. A specification design review (Done+ attached).
  2. Individual system design
    Each member of your team will select one of the three subsystems (linkage, loading system and drive system) You will submit a document (2 pages) describing the specifications and design of your subsystem of the entire system. You will construct a prototype for your subsystem that the team will assemble into a final prototype. (We need linkages)

Sample Solution