Media Effects

Communication technologies and content affect us all in a variety of ways. For this assignment, you will learn about one type of media effect and discuss current research on that topic.
Instructions: 1. Based on your last name, you will be randomly assigned to select a chapter from the following book: Media Effects: Advances in Theory and Research (3rd edition, 2009) by Jennings Bryant and Mary Beth Oliver (see chapter assignment below). Please choose a chapter that interests you within the assigned range. (Chapter 8 – Chapter 14) 2. Use a library database (Academic Search Complete, Communication and Mass Media Complete, etc.) to find a recent scholarly articlethat is related to the chapter you selected from Media Effects: Advances in Theory and Research. The article must have been published within the last five years. To find a scholarly article, go to the library databases such as Academic Search Complete or Communication and Mass Media Complete. Remember it needs to be an ACADEMIC/SCHOLARLY article. Newspaper and magazine articles or Wogs don’t count! If you are unsure if your selection qualifies as a scholarly source, ask one of the instructors or a librarian. The article you select should extend the research discussed in the book chapter (see question #2 below). Make sure the article you select allows you to answer that question!
Answer the following questions: Make sure you answer all three! Please number your answers. 0 Summarize the book chapter you selected in your own words (3-5 paragraphs). Explain the relevant theories or concepts and why this is an important topic. What are the effects on the audience or society? 0 Summarize the research article and explain how it advances our understanding of the chapter topic (3-5 paragraphs). Does it extend one of the theories into a new area? Modify how the theory works? Add additional evidence to support the theory? Contradict what we thought we knew? Introduce a new theory related to the topic?

  1. CHOOSE ONE and answer (1 paragraph):
    a. Discuss one current media example related to the topic. It can be a scene from a movie, TV show, videogame, Facebook, etc. Make sure you explain how the example illustrates the concept. You cannot use an example mentioned in the textbook chapter or article. Please include a link to the content if possible. OR Activate Windows b. Discuss one specific example of how this media effect has affected you personally (either you were affected or someone close to you was affected). Was the effect strong or weak? What would have made the effect stronger or weaker? NOTE: I am not asking how you dis or might be affected. This question asks you to discuss a specific example of how YOU or someone close to you has actu
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