Media Literacy Critical Viewing

In his book Persuasion: Reception and Responsibility, Charles U. Larson introduces us to Rank’s Model of Persuasion. Researcher and theorist Hugh Rank outlined a model that teaches the public how to be more media literate when it comes to persuasive messages (i.e. advertisements).

For your paper, you will choose one or two commercials from the choices below and identify how the two major strategies (intensify and downplay) identified in Rank’s model, as well as the tactics that branch out from said strategies, are utilized. Students are also encouraged to compare and contrast the tactics/strategies used if you decide to deconstruct two advertisements. Feel free to use any concepts or criticisms from Chapter 11 in Media Literacy which you think may enhance your argument. Feel free to compare and contrast the tactics/strategies used if you decide to deconstruct two advertisements.

In this paper, you are constructing a thesis in support of Rank’s outline and demonstrating that you have become a “critical receiver” in regard to commercial advertisements. The paper must use evidence from the ads to support the claims made. Make sure the paper mentions which advertisement(s) you have used.

An “A” paper will achieve the following:

Demonstrate your understanding of the claims made by Rank that you’ve chosen to use in your paper, using both Rank and Potter’s words and your own, as appropriate, to set up your thesis.
Use description to recreate for the reader those scenes or elements you feel support Rank’s argument. BE SPECIFIC.
Use your analysis of the advertisement to support Rank’s argument. The only evidence I want to see supporting your claim in your paper should come from Rank and from the campaign ads you chose to examine.
Hint: often times these advertisements will use multiple strategies and tactics from Rank’s model. Just studying composition alone can yield a TON of content to analyze.
Write clearly and persuasively, demonstrating solid use of the written English language. Please use Writing Services if I said your last paper had significant problems with grammar and sentence structure.

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