Media’s ideologies and practices of racism, sexism, homophobia

Many of our readings have shown that media have often worked to reproduce ideologies and practices of racism, sexism, homophobia (and we can add transphobia), and classism (or the normalization of economic inequality and violence). However, our readings have also explored practices and strategies that can challenge, resist and interrupt these mediated ideologies and practices. Engage with at least three of our readings, two of which must come from readings assigned in weeks 9-12 (Nov. 4-25), and explain at least one practice that works to challenge, resist and interrupt racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and/or classism. Pro tip: you can discuss performance practices (ie. “minority celebrity,” “raunch aesthetics,” the mobilization of “community cultural capital,” etc.), digital practices (ie. strategies for cultivating “networked privacy,” Indigenous Fourth World media and New Media Nations [Gómez Menjívar & Chacón]), or activist practices (“connective action movements” [Duarte], “move slower and empower people” [Benjamin]).

Sample Solution