Meditations on First Philosophy

Briefly explain and outline the tasK that Descartes undertakes in his Meditations on First Philosophy. What is Descartes’s conception of Knowledge
(scientia), according to Descartes What Kind of information qualifies as real Knowledge? In Meditation One, What does Descartes conclude about
beliefs based on or derived from sensory experience, especially in connection with his epistemological project? What is the method that Descartes
decides is the most suitable for the attainment of his philosophical goal? In the flr st Meditation, Descartes works up a lengthy discussion of the
nature of dreams: What is the purpose of his discussion about dreams, What is it intended to shOW? What is the methodological purpose of
Descartes’s thought experiment about the evil, all-powerful spirit Whom he imagines is attempting to deceive him about as much as possible?





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