Meeting Internship Target

Final Report 50%
You will submit a final report based on the attached guideline. Keep in mind your final report is due both electronically on blackboard and via ‘hard copy’ (to my office door, 8-241).
Final Paper Guidelines:

Goal: Critically assess your internship experiences as well as consider their relationship to your coursework at Baruch College and your future career choices.


The paper should be 6-7 pages in length and include an introduction, subheadings, conclusion, etc. It must be grammatically error free, well organized and insightful. Feel free to write in the first person (use “I”) yet make sure the writing is professional and clear. *This should represent your best college writing.

Your paper must address question number one below along with your choice of 2-3 additional questions from the list which follows. Choose additional questions which are most relevant to your experiences and what you want to think about relative to your internship. The order in which you address these questions is up to you.

**All students must answer question one.

  1. Think about one (a) powerful or memorable interaction you had at your internship or (b) communication-related task you accomplished. First, explain the interaction or task in detail – what happened and/or what did you do?

Second, think back on specific theories, concepts, and/or ideas you learned in one of your communication classes at Baruch College. Analyze how you used (or could have used) specific information from class to effectively deal with this memorable interaction or to complete this task.

For example, if you learned about conflict management styles in a class, how did you use that information to deal with a difficult work situation (or how could you have used this information to handle the situation more effectively)? Or, if you produced a press release, how did you take what you learned in a Public Relations class to complete this assignment. Explain the class concept thoroughly in your response.

Choose 2-3 questions to respond to from the list below:

  1. Did the internship meet your initial expectations? If so, how? If not, why not? What would you want someone else to know about this internship before he/she would take on the position? And, why?
  2. What did you learn about communication in the workplace through this internship? Give me an example of an interaction you had in the workplace that was challenging and how you navigated the situation.
  3. Did this internship require skills/knowledge from your Baruch coursework?
    a. If so, what is the most important skill/knowledge you brought to bear?
    b. If not, what did you feel was lacking in your program of study that would have enabled you to make more of the internship experience?

Sample Solution