Memo writing

Presume that you are a 3rd party consultant hired by Rita to write this memo advising her. She has asked for advice on what she should do.
Your memo should be a complete argument. A memo that advises a course of action that would not resolve her ultimate dilemma is incomplete.
Maximum of 800 words, excluding headers/footers.
Your job is to provide the value she is seeking, which is better ability to decide what to do. You should be helping her see the situation more clearly and analyze the outcomes of the choices she has and reach a conclusion as to which has the better overall outcomes.
Consult the structure notes provided below.
Here is a template for structuring this memo. The template is very specific for the intro paragraph and you should precisely follow it when writing your memo. The rest of the template is less specific and has more room for you to do what you think is best.

Sample Solution