Mental health nursing in a milieu setting

In mental health nursing in a milieu setting, how does quarterly focused de-escalation training compared to yearly workplace violence training affect the seclusion rate of psychiatric patients within

Evaluation and decision (level one heading bolded)
 What were the solutions presented in the literature? Provide information about at least one qualitative and at least one quantitative article that addressed your issue/problem.
 Describe how current research supported or did not support your proposed solution to the PICO question?
 After reviewing the literature would you decide to carry out this proposed practice change at your institution? YES Why or why not?
 What change theory would you use to support the change?
 What would be the driving and restraining forces to carrying out this change?
 What outcomes would determine if the change was successful?
Future research (level one heading bolded)
 What future research is needed to support more clinical practice information about the problem you identified?

Sample Solution