Merges & Acquisitions

Read the Case study and answer following questions.

  1. Pick one of Danaher’s competitors. What is the key lesson this company can learn from Danaher?
    Translate the lesson into a 5-step action plan for the company
    Pick a company that you like to use and reflect on the key similarities and differences to Danaher.
  2. Central to Danaher’s ability to grow are its historical development of capabilities in both acquisitive
    and organic growth. How did Danaher develop these capabilities and what, if any, further
    capabilities would have been beneficial in the past or for its future expansion? – Please link the
    different elements of your answer to M&A concepts.
  3. How does Danaher compare to Private Equity? How could Danaher learn from Private Equity?
  4. What does the case tell us about Danaher’s post-merger-integration approach, and what could be
    potential risks about this approach?

Sample Solution