View the Voice Thread on the Spiritual Conquest of Mesoamerica and other posted resources in the lesson on religion. Discuss the relevance of both indigenous religion and Catholicism to understanding the history and culture of Mesoamerica, past and present. How does Mesoamerica illustrate the complex ways in which different belief systems encounter one another? How has religion been used as a tool of oppression as well as resistance in Mexico and/or Guatemala’? You do not have to answer these questions sequentially, and you need not give equal attention to each question. You may also incorporate some details about your own religious background if it affects your views of religion generally or Catholicism and/or indigenous religious beliefs. Your response should engage specific concepts from class (acculturation, syncretism, materialist and symbolic approaches to religion etc.), refer as specifically as possible to three or more assigned resources and include an original title and conclusion.




Sample Solution