Ministering spiritual and physical needs of our patients

In this course, we will be looking at both various real human situations and different religious
traditions to see how we might minister to the spiritual and physical needs of our patients. Our course text,
Spirituality in Nursing, 6th edition, has added a significant chapter, chapter 14, on a set of special conditions for
our times – namely – mass disasters – as a test case – wherein the special skills of those of us in healthcare will
be called forth in unusual ways. Sometimes, crisis situations help us see things in sharp relief, which are
beneficial for us, all the time. After reading chapter 14, name and discuss 3 key insights that you learned and
want to be aware of and sensitive to – regarding caring for patients – in both their physical and their spiritual
needs – not only during mass disasters but all the time! Is there any particular reason why you chose these
insights? If so, please share that with the class.
Question 5: Since the current Covid-19 pandemic is a type of mass disaster, what further insight did you gain
from Video #3 on providing Spiritual Care during the current Covid epidemic, which though slowing down, is
still present? If you actually provided nursing care to a Covid-19 patient, are there any other insights you might
offer the class, regarding spiritual care under these circumstances?

Sample Solution