Minority women and Alzheimer’s disease

  1. Identify your population of interest and provide a broad presentation of health disparities in this group: Female Minorities with Alzheimer’s – Rates of Alzheimer’s disease are substantially higher for African-Americans and Hispanics.
  2. Identify the specific problem to be addressed in this paper. Include rationale for why this is a priority issue: The major problem is the projected number of Alzheimer’s patients is expected to increase, this includes the widening disparities among women and minorities. Problems would include the cost (Discuss the cost burden of Alzheimer’s disease for federal/state governments and individuals/caregivers.), caregiver burden, and the health care system burden.
  3. Provide epidemiological data describing the population health disparities.
  4. Discuss current surveillance methods (identify if surveillance is local, national, and/or global).

Sample Solution