Mixed race literature past and present

(1) Though McBride and Obama have similar parental configuration (white mother /black father) their individual upbringings and stories are (literally) worlds apart. But is there still an element of self-identity questioning in these memoir excerpts of their factual lives that makes their stories similar to Chestnut’s fiction of 100 years ago? Yes or no? Your answer will be based on the textual information contained in the writings.

(2) Using some information from the folder on “Essays and Articles on the Subject of Mixed Race” do you believe that Mixed Race literature is a valid genre of literature equal to Caribbean, Latin American, Native American, African American, South and East Asian American, etc., in the stories they have to tell? Why or why not?

(3) On a broader platform of query, should English Departments maintain these categories of literature as is now common in most institutions of higher learning or should these stories be offered under the simple category of “American” or “World” literature depending on their origins?

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