Modern French Language

For your final project, you will investigate an element of spoken French or French written in the “familiar” press
in blogs and social networks.
In your final project, we’ll start with this prescriptivism as a starting point. Then we will analyze French as it is
spoken / written using data from social networks, corpora, blogs, and the press.
To begin with, we will study the prescriptive rule (s) of the phenomenon we are studying. The Académie
française website is a good place to start. Then we will visit French sites where we will see a confirmation of
this prescriptivism in the language as it is used or perhaps a use that departs from prescriptive French.
You may discuss a platform such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Use specific examples.
Each essay will have an introduction

  1. An explanation of the approach:
    a) How did you find this data?
    b) What are your main sources?
    2 / Data analyzed
    3 / A summary including the data and their analysis

Sample Solution