Modern masculinity.

1) Based on your own reflections and the assigned readings, formulate and describe a definition of modern masculinity. Answer the question: What is masculinity and what does it mean to be a man? Your definition should be specific and describe traits, characteristics, behaviors, emotions, roles, etc. that define and explain masculinity and what it means to be man in modern society.

2) Do you believe there is a universal definition of masculinity, or does the definition of masculinity vary among individuals, cultures, societies, etc. ? Explain why you believe what you believe.

3) Explain whether you believe the definition of masculinity has changed/is changing over time? If so, explain how it has changed. If not, explain how the definition has remained stable over time. Provide specific examples to support your position.

4) Based on your own reflections and the assigned readings, identify and explain at least three different factors that influence our views/perceptions of masculinity. For each factor, provide at least one example to illustrate each factor.

Sample Solution