Most effective action to take to minimize disease transmission

Red blood cells outnumber which blood component by 1000 to 1?
Most common action when caring for bleeding?
Major functions of blood?
If AED Pads touch on small child/infant you should?
Ill person with severe vomiting and diarrhea is at risk for what type of shock?
A person involved in car crash who has experienced trauma to the spinal cord. What type of shock?
When using a tourniquet, you tighten the rod until?
When giving abdominal thrusts, you would position your covered fist?
When performing CPR on an Adult you would position your hands?
A heart attack commonly results from?
Cardiac arrest is?
Why is severe bleeding life threatening?
When caring for someone in shock, what can we do to minimize?
Loss of __ is most likely to result in shock.
Why do we tilt the head/lift the chin?
CPR stands for?
Choking infant, how do you position their head?
A person has an anatomical airway obstruction, it would mostly be caused by?
Infant CPR compressions are used with?
Cycle of compressions to breaths in CPR for an adult is?
AED pads for an adult should be placed where?
Early CPR and defibrillation usually leads to?
Before the AED analyzes the heart rhythm, you should?
Normal symptoms of a heart attack include?
For CPR to be effective, how should you position the person?
Performing CPR on an infant is similar to an adult. What is the biggest difference?
If an infant is cardiac arrest, you would see?
Performing CPR on a child, you would compress the chest at a rate of?
Chest pain that comes and goes at different times is called?
Respiratory distress, if not immediately cared for can lead to?
Which blood component accounts for most of the solid parts of blood?
You’re giving care to a person with leg wound, severe bleeding. There are signs of what type of shock?

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