Motivation for the biotechnological production

During the course of the semester, you will each work as an individual on a literary paper and a presentation on a defined topic. The evaluation will be done for the individual work. We will accompany and support you during the whole semester, for which there will be regular appointments throughout the semester.For your project work please choose 3 topics from the field of bioprocess engineering-downstream. The topic should be a biotechnological production process. As a starting point, you will select a suitable review for each of the three topics. The topics should have current relevance, i.e. the reviews should not be older than 3 to 5 years! Please focus on the downstream. Up- and downstream together is beyond the scope! We will choose one of the three topics together. (Already have been chosen).For this one you will prepare the elaboration and give the presentation.
For the selected topic, you will prepare a based on literature work (at least 8-10 publications), the aim is not to summarize a review, but to deal intensively with the literature of the topic, to extract and connect information. As literature are only books and scientific publications allowed (no Wikipedia and co.) may be used.
The length of the paper should be 10 pages + title page, abstract and bibliography.
(Arial, 11, 2.5 cm margin, 1.5x line spacing).
The paper should have the following structure and consider the mentioned contents:

  • Cover sheet with all important info (name, study program, matriculation number, date,…).
  • “Abstract” (in English!)
  • Introduction
    o What is the topic?
    o What is the relevance of the topic?
    o What is the focus of this paper and why?
  • Main part (name it differently)
    o You choose the contents of this chapter depending on the topic and the
    chosen focus
    o Please pay attention to a red thread!
  • Discussion (rename differently if necessary):
    o What is the significance of the topic?
    o What are the key messages?
    o What are the trends?
  • Bibliography: Be sure to cite correctly!
    Chosen Topic:
    Current techniques in cGMP of biologicals (DSP focus)
    Suggested table of contents for the above chosen topic:
  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
    2.1. Subject description
    2.2. Motivation for the biotechnological production
    2.3. Applications
    2.3.1. ….
  3. In the Production process
    3.1. Upstream Process (should be short)
    3.2. Downstream process
    3.2.1. Single Unit Operation
    3.2.2. Overall process
    3.2.3. …
    3.2.4. ….
  4. Discussion
    4.1. Technical and economic evaluation of the process compared to alternatives
    Methods (or processes)
    4.2. Future approaches
    4.3. ….
  5. Refrences

Sample Solution