Movie analysis

Go to Youtube and watch this movie and answer all the questions and once it is filled out and
complete, and upload the assignment.
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  1. How many dams are there in the US?
  2. Where was the first hydroelectric dam built?
  3. What happened in the 1889 dam?
  4. What was passed in 1902 and why is it important?
  5. What two dams were built in 1931 during the Great Depression?
  6. What were they building from these dams with the hydroelectricity generated?
  7. How many dams were completed between 1950 -1970?
  8. What act did President Nixon pass in 1973?
  9. Which dam became the first major dam removed in 1997? How old was it?
  10. What happened to Glines dam?
  11. What happened to the fish in Elwha River/ Glines dam?
  12. What is the Salmon Ceremony at the lower Elwha Klallam tribe? Why is it important?
  13. How many gallons flow through the Grand Coulee dam per seconds?
  14. How are they moving juvenile fish through dams?
  15. How much does it cost per fish in a recovery effort?
  16. What is another alternative energy source that they could be using in the Columbia
  17. What are some benefits of dams (why are people trying to save them)?
  18. What happened in Celilo Falls? Why does it matter?
  19. In what year did they flood Celilo falls?
  20. What is the problem with four Snake River dams, are they useful?
  21. Who is Jim Waddell and why is he important?
  22. What happens when Ben and his friend Travis try to cross the lock system at Snake
  23. What has happened to the Rainbow trout/ Steelhead?
  24. Why is Lee Spencer watching the small Steelhead population and for how long?
  25. What are they using the fish from the Spring Creek National Fish hatchery?
  26. What is wrong with the hatchery fish?
  27. How much do hatcheries fish out number wild population?
  28. What happened in Glen Canyon?
  29. What did Katie Lee and her friend do at Glen Canyon?
  30. What did Mikal Jakubal do to the damns?
  31. Why does water need to keep moving?
  32. How did they remove the Condit dam?
  33. How did this movie make you feel or think?

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