Movie analysis

I have to watch a movie that relates to aging and the movie I’m doing my paper on is A Trip to Bountiful (1985). The film is about an elderly woman who wants to travel to Bountiful, a small town she lived at when she was growing up, one last time before she dies to see much the place changed since she last visit. Despite her son and daughter-in-law being against her visiting the place Bountiful due to her heart condition. She decides to travel anyway, despite their wishes by taking the train. On the train, she meets a young women name, Jessie Mae. The main character name is Mrs. Watts and son and daughter-in-law names are Ludie Watts and Thelma. My writer for this film can also mention how Mrs. Watts can be described as a wise woman. The setting for the movie takes place in Houston, TX. The link for the movie on youtube is provided below. The essay has to be 4 pages and I would like for the writer to watch the entire film on youtube. I would like a rough draft of the paper by Friday. Thanks Brian!

Directions for the paper:

Write a four-page paper on the character(s), the current situation of their life, the crisis they are facing and how the problem is solved. Use the text book and the concepts to describe and define this process. Cite the text book in eight places. Provide a cover and reference page (this will make your paper 6 pages long). Normal margins, double-spaced, 12 font, and New Times Roman font

Link for the movie:

Trailer for the film:

Videos for the film:

“All references used must be authentic, and verifiable. No fake references and plagiarism allowed!”

I would like for no other outside sources used for the paper other than the YouTube links that is provided

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