Movie Reflection Assignment – acting

(Possible questions for the essay:)
Is delivering a believable performance while working with CGI a difficult task? why?
Can a child deliver an emotional performance about a complex subject like war, without ever having lived it? Why or why not? Will an actor who has been through war perform better or worse? Why?
How does an actors costume shape their performance? Will an audience receive the same message/emotion witnessing am actor perform without their costume? What does performing with a costume add or take away from a performance?
How does a films genre shape a performance? Do actors need to shift their acting style for different genres? Do certain genre’s lead to better performances? why?
How can acting across a well known actor shape the performance of a non actor/rookie?
Do child actors bring something extra to a performance that adults are not able to achieve? What is it? and why? Do audiences perceive child actors differently than they do adults? Why?
What do you believe makes an actors performance award worthy? Why is their performance different from their peers?

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