Moving from one instrument to a symphony orchestra

When you are used to hearing music played on only one instrument. what could be more captivating than listening to a full symphony orchestra? This week. it is time for you to be the symphony orchestra. i-e., pull out all of the stops. In other words. this is your chance to dazzle your reader and to dazzle yourself. You have laid the groundwork for your Final Project, and this is the week when yo} f =, ;full first draft. Keep in mind the importance of the introduction. body. and conclusion. Remember t (ie ¥ . those writers have used topic sentences, supporting details. structure. and transition to put together a % ila ee « PA
Then, please also submit your paper to the Peer Review Forum. You can find a link to the Peer Rq + bad wore a *
By Day 7 ,
Write and submit the full rough draft for a persuasive essay that will become the Final Project for t a’ {
Remember that you are moving away from a personal reflection on the case study to an academia i
you should write the essay in third person and remove all personal pronouns, such as “I.” Be sure ;

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