MOW Organizational Issues in Global Markets

Forum Definition showing a place online for discussionsln this module, we have outlined specific business characteristics and how these affect domestic and global markets. As organizations seek to promote their products, global and domestic marketing concerns need to be addressed. Depending where and how the organization markets its products or services, it will need to consider domestic, global, or both domestic and global marketing factors.
For this discussion activity, respond to the following prompts:
Research one organization that has expanded into a global market and outline some of the problems that the organization had to mitigate when entering the new market-space. Specifically identify three of the seven characteristics detailed in the module notes. Was there another global market barrier the company had to deal with that is not addressed in the seven aforementioned characteristics? In response to your colleagues:
Compare and contrast some of the specific details of your selected organization’s characteristics with your colleagues’ organizations. Looking at your peer’s organization, can you recommend a global area, or niche, that your colleague’s selected organization could fill? Things to Remember!



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