Museum Visit

What is the theme?

What type of visual art is it?

What tools and methods of the artist appealed to you?

What is the subject matter of the work?

What about the work drew your attention?

How does the artist utilize the following visual elements: Line Shape Mass Space Time & Motion Light Color Texture

How does the artist utilize the following principles of design: Unity & Variety Balance Emphasis & Subordination Directional Forces Contrast Repetition & Rhythm Scale & Proportion How does the artist’s personal history translate to this artwork? Or does it?

What ideas and feelings did the artist communicate to you? How does the context of when the art was created factor into the content of the art?

How does the artwork affect you?
this is the assignment: Answer the following questions about your two favorite artworks seen during the museum visit used to draft your Museum Reaction Paper as well as the works cited_pap_e. I’ve included this





























Sample Solution