Music and culture PowerPoint presentation

Use “Michael Jackson” as the topic pick.
1.This assignment will require that students identify a musical group/individual from the approved list (below), and trace his/her contributions to the African American experience as an influencer of culture. (If you would like to choose a musician that is not listed, you can email your professor for approval.)
2.This assignment will be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation and must include a title page and 6–8 additional slides.
3.Slides should cover the following:
*Background of the chosen musician(s).

  • Musical genre of the chosen musician and how he/she influenced that genre.
    *The historical context surrounding the musician (i.e., what social, political, and economic circumstances informed the work of this musician).
    *The musician’s overall cultural impact.
    1.Pictures and sound clips should be included. (At least one per slide.)

Sample Solution