Music and health

Create a playlist to promote your own personal health – either physical or mental health. To do this, you will carefully choose music that suits the purpose of the playlist and draw on concepts and theory, strategically organize the order of songs. Actively listen to the music you choose for your playlist to test that it meets your intended purpose. Choose either physical or mental health, draw any literature relevant to explain the health benefits. In the introduction, describe your selected purpose for the playlist and summarise key theories about how music could be used to promote the desired outcome. Clearly describe the process you used to create the playlist, stating how you went about selecting the songs and the order. In the body of the assignment, list the order of the 10 pieces of music included in the playlist. Discuss your experience of each track and use the literature to explain how it either contributed to your identified health purpose or how and why it was unsuccessful. Include descriptions of the musical aspects (the beat, harmonies etc) and non-musical aspects (associations etc) of the track, depending on which was more relevant for each particular one. You must use the literature throughout the assignment to justify your claims about the benefits of music for this purpose. Dedicate approximately 120 words per song and include the song title and reference details as the subheading for each song (these titles are not included in the word count). In the conclusion, reflect on any potential mental or physical health benefits that may result for others through the construction of a playlist similar to yours, including any ideas you have about the use of music to promote health in the community. Use the songs as Headings for the body of the assignment. Include reference to each song as the subheadings including Track Title, Performing Artist and year of publication, with information about the Composer and Record Company if the information is relevant. Assessment criteria: Integration of the literature into the explanations about the choice of each song. Capacity to critically reflect upon the potential use and challenges associated with songs and playlists. Why was it successful or not successful, and how does that confirm or contrast the literature?



Sample Solution