Music and Movement

Introduction: Assignment related to chapter reading
The Assignment
Develop a music and movement activity for toddler aged children that they can access in their classroom Music and Movement Area. The children will need to be able to use the materials with minimal assistance from the teacher. Use the infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS) to determine the categories of materials you will need to include in the Music and Movement Area of the classroom for them to learn about the selected topic. The plan must include the following:
Grading Criteria
-List of materials and tools needed- 5 points
-The developmental Domain(s) and Sub Domain(s) from NC Infant/Toddler Foundations EX: Domain: Approaches to Play and Learning (APL) and Sub Domain:Curiosity, Information-Seeking, and Eagerness – 10 points
-ITERS standard numbers used as reference (give the subscale (ex: Music and Movement) and the rating area your activity falls in (ex: 7.1-Many ( at least 10) pleasant sounding musical toys and/ or instruments accessible daily, for much of the day) – 10 points
-Number of children who are to participate at one time – 5 points
-Identification of child skills and abilities necessary for success. This should relate back to the domain(s) and sub domain(s) selected from the NC Infant/Toddler Foundations – 10 points
-A statement that introduces the activity to children. This is where you will tell the children what is available for this activity during your large group gathering time – 20 points
-A description of how the activity will proceed (detailed description of how this activity will proceed).- 25 points
-Two open ended questions you could ask children to extend their critical thinking about the activity – 10 points
-Spelling and Grammar – 5 points

Sample Solution