Music technology, culture short essay

Choose a place likely to provide a wide array of sounds, you will need to list at least ten different sounds.
Write down the sounds you hear and categorize each as biophonic (made by biological organisms), geophonic (made by non-biological natural sources), anthropophonic (made by humans). Describe the sounds to the best of your ability, considering the following fundamental characteristics of sound: amplitude (loud, quiet, stable, changing), frequency (high, low, stable, changing), duration (long, short, intermittent, repetitive, single instance), texture(is a single sound really a combination of multiple distinct sounds, or is it really just one sound), envelope (attack, sustain, decay).
Then, write two paragraphs describing the relationship between these sounds and the culture that is most closely associated to the location, situation, etc. Also, discuss whether you consider the relationships between any of these sounds to be at all musical – why or why not?

Sample Solution