My own Words by Ruth bader Ginsburg

You will create a PowerPoint (or Google Slides or Prezi) presentation over your Major Project book. This
presentation takes the place of the class presentation we would have done, had we not switched to an online
course format.
Your presentation should include at least 8-10 slides of information about the book and your response to it.
Your presentation should be creative, visually appealing, and informative.
It should NOT be a copy of your paper on slides. Focus on key information, important ideas, and images.
Your presentation should include a brief summary of the book’s premise (main idea) and then focus on one or
two particularly interesting stories or points.
You don’t have time to cover the whole book, so focus on key points, ideas, or stories.
You should emphasize what you are taking away from the book—what you learned from reading it that
changed your perspectives. Think about our theme (“Read the book that’s not for you.”) How did this book
make your life “larger”? What have you gained from reading this book?

Sample Solution