The X Transport Management System, presently known as Enterprise Transport Management (eTMS), enables associates to avail company provided night transport facility. With this application, associates can register & roster for transport services. Additionally, it also caters to the needs of our ‘Admin’ department to plan routes, allocate vehicles, and vendor billing.

X Transport Management System enables:
Safe and efficient night travel for 75,000+ associates
Ensures real time tracking of vehicles & employees for secured travel
Enables 15,000+ vehicle trips daily across 65 locations

Having delivered safe, efficient and hassle free transportation to associates ever since its inception, the application is now being revamped to include an array of new and improved features. And with this, we also want to give the application a new identity.

So, share your ideas to help us rebrand ‘X Transport Management System’.

Suggested name should be unique and should not be previously trademarked (globally)
Suggested name need not be restricted to travel / transport names. An explanation needs to be provided for the suggested name
Suggested name should be in ‘English’. Names with reference to any foreign/regional language will be considered for evaluation. Names with any reference to religion or politics will be disqualified
Suggested name will be used for both web and mobile application

Providing a logo design (as an attachment for the suggested name) would be considered as an additional advantage. This is not mandatory
To submit your idea please follow below steps:
Fill in the ‘Title’, ‘Description’ and ‘Tags'(Name-a-thon) fields. Please provide the below mentioned details in the ‘Description’ section:
Suggested Name
Reasons/ Idea behind the suggestion
Attach the logo design (Optional)
Click on the Publish button available at the bottom of the page
Decision of the jury will be final and binding

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