Napoleon’s campaign in Russia (1812)

Choose one of the three military campaigns listed below. Write a narrative that recounts the basic events of the campaign, analyzes its strategic goals and assesses its success or failure, with an emphasis on sustainability or lack thereof (e.g. overextended supply lines, geographical and weather considerations, etc.) Ground this work in strategy, with tactical considerations being limited and discussed only to the extent necessary. Develop the content of this assignment with the goals of the nation-state in mind, not those of its military forces. This is an analytical work and your thesis statement should be analytical in nature. The Campaign Analysis Paper assesses the students’ mastery of course outcome 1 (CO1) – Analyze the strategic elements of significant military campaigns.


Alexander’s campaign in Persia (334 – 330 BCE)
Julius Caesar’s campaign in Gaul (58-50 BCE)
Napoleon’s campaign in Russia (1812)
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