Nature in Literature

We are nearing the end of the course, and you’ve read numerous writers on numerous subjects, and you’ve
written several essays, and participated in discussions. What I’m asking now is that you reflect upon what
you’ve learned and/or gained from this course.
For Discussion #11, write a brief reflection, noting the authors, essays, poems, or stories that have had the
most impact on you, as a student, as a writer, as a person, etc. Explain, as best you can, why they influenced
you so much.
Below is a list of some of the writers and stories that we covered.

  1. James Wright, “A Blessing”
  2. Mary Oliver, “Wild Geese” (text with commentary)
  3. Mary Oliver, “I Found a Dead Fox”
  4. Mary Oliver, “Toad”
  5. Kent Meyers, “Birds Against the Glass”
  6. Brenda Peterson, “Growing Up Game”
  7. Ted Conover, “The Way of All Flesh”
  8. Eric Schlosser, “Still a Fast Food Nation”
  9. Richard Louv, “Leave No Child Inside”
  10. Barbara Kingsolver, “Stalking the Vegetannual”
  11. David Orr, “Law of the Land

Sample Solution