NBST Discussion Board 1

Carson, The Gospel According to John (1991). Kistenberger, Encountering John (2013).

Each question must be highlighted and each question must be 200 or more words You must respond to at least 2 of the following questions. Consider these questions with the information in your textbooks in mind, but feel free to use other sources as needed to add to the conversation. Acknowledge in the subject line of your thread which question is being answered (i.e., “Special Topic Question 1”).

  1. Set forth in consecutive logical order the various pieces of internal evidence from John’s Gospel that support Johannine authorship. What external evidence supports this material? Briefly discuss why it is important to show that John authored the Fourth Gospel. 4. Discuss the place and date of writing of John’s Gospel as well as its occasion and purpose. Offer evidence to support your views. How does the purpose of John’s Gospel relate to the modern reader? What role does John’s Gospel play in the spiritual journey of believers and non-believers today?



Sample Solution