Nervous system responses

You wake up suddenly in the middle of the night after hearing a loud bang. You have no idea what caused the noise but are instantly awake and highly alert. After a few moments you realize that the noise was from a car outside. You return to bed and realize that your heart is pounding, you are sweating, and that you are respiring (inhaling/exhaling) very rapidly. Explain what has just happened to your body.
After resting in bed for another ten minutes, your heart rate returns to normal and you realize that you need to use the restroom. Explain what is now happening to your body in regards to your nervous system.
The following day you return to class, well rested, only to be told that you have a pop quiz in your anatomy and physiology course. You instantly feel ‘stressed’.

Review the Autonomic Nervous System in the unit materials.
Analyze events that may cause these systems to activate

Sample Solution