Netflix documentary “The American Factory”

Organizational Communication
Case Study 2 Assignment
(I changed the due date from what is mentioned in the schedule giving you an additional week)
Points: 35 points
For this case study, you will watch a Netflix documentary “The American Factory” ( please make sure you are
watching the actual documentary rather than the “conversation with the Obamas). After watching the
documentary, you need to analyze the documentary using the following prompts. The suggested length of this
paper is 4-5 double spaced pages.
If you want to see a trailer of the documentary please access it here:
Access to Netflix: If you do not have access to Netflix, you might have to open an account for $9 which will give
you access to Netflix for a month (and you can cancel the account after finishing the assignment) or have a
friend/family share their account with you for some time. Look up how to sign up for Netflix here: If you have any issues or concerns, please let me know and I am open for alternative
After watching the documentary, answer the following questions:
1) Briefly describe the documentary in your own words? What is the documentary all about and what are 2
major takeaways of the story? (5 points)
2) We have learnt in this class that organizations and issues within them are communicatively constituted.
Using the constitutive approach, and applying one of the theories provided within that approach, demonstrate
how the organization in the documentary is communicatively constituted? To do that, define the main
components of the theory (5 points) and provide examples from the documentary for each of the components
of the theory you have chosen (within the constitutive approach). (5 points).
3) Now, you need to apply the critical approach to the documentary. Define 2 distinct concepts (or theories)
within the critical approach, and apply the concepts by giving examples of issues represented in the
documentary. (10 points)
4) Argue by giving 2 examples how a feminist approach to organizations is evident and relevant to analyze
issues presented in the documentary? (5 points)
5) Identify examples of the three socialization processes (one for each process) – Anticipatory, encounter,
metamorphosis- in the documentary. Explain and elaborate on the connection between the example and the
socialization process. (5 points)

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