Network Operation Management

Meyers, M. (2018). Mike Meyers CompTIA Network Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting Networks Exam
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Week 4 Topic:
• TCP/IP Security Standards
• Virtual Private Networks
• IPv4 and IPv6
• WAN Troubleshooting Scenarios
• Diagnosing TCP/IP Networks
Week 3: The discussion question consists of three independent parts. Address each part under your main
contribution to this discussion board:
• As a network administrator for an organization, you want to configure an IP route between two routers.
Consider static and dynamic routing; which is more appropriate? Justify your answer with examples.
• Describe the format differences between IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses.
• Compare and contrast the two network implementation technologies: virtualization and cloud computing.
Discuss how an enterprise would decide on using virtualization technology in their own on-premise network,
cloud computing implemented as a private cloud, or cloud computing using a public cloud service, or a
combination of the three types. What are the major suppliers of virtualization and cloud computing technologies?

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