1. Research on national infrastructure initiatives that have contributed to expanded broadband infrastructure and access in countries around the world. Identify several countries that have benefitted from national broadband infrastructure initiatives and briefly summarise the programs that they implemented.
2. Research on the current status of the Australian National Broadband Plan and other government-backed broadband access expansion programs in Australia. Briefly summarise the content of pending or recently passed legislation or executive initiatives to bring broadband Internet access to more Australian citizens.
3. Research on the “digital divide” within the Australia? Summarise which segments of the population are most at risk for being digital “have nots”. Identify efforts being made to address the digital divide within the Australia.
4. Research to identify the countries that have the lowest broadband and Internet access rates. What patterns can be observed across these countries? How can these low rates be explained?
5. Research on the benefits associated with high broadband access connections? What do users like most about higher connection speeds and how does it improve their lives?

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