Network Security Monitoring

Key Elements of a Security Operation Center (SOC) The goal of network security monitoring is not to focus solely on the development of an impenetrable network. All security networks can fall short to determined attackers; therefore, the goal is to build a secure network that can detect and responding to attacks and preventing the loss of sensitive data. In a Word document a minimum of 500 words in length, design a SOC to fit your selected corporate profile (Across the State Bank – ASB) needs. Supply the following information:

  1. Summarize the Security Operation Center 24/7 operations. 2. Define roles of each employee in the SOC. 3. Justify your selection for authority of the SOC in the organization. Why did you select this person(s) or group(s)? 4. Outline who is responsible within the organization to mitigate detected attacks for each area of the corporate infrastructure. 5. Develop a threat escalation plan.

Sample Solution